What’s inflicting the mail delays on the Harrisburg Publish? – ABC27

HARRISBURG, PA (WHTM) – Mail trucks stand in line for hours waiting to be unloaded. Customers are missing packages. The mail gets delivered late in the evening and people get frustrated.

The Harrisburg Post Office is one of only five Sectional Center Facilities in the state of Pennsylvania. This means that this particular post office is the hub for mail going in and out across the country.

Some truckers like Cheryl Daumer say they are not worried about the delays right now. "Yeah. It'll be fine," she said of the delays. Usually she says she only has to wait 10 to 15 minutes for her truck to unload on arrival. Now she has to wait in line for hours.

Other drivers who wanted to speak anonymously were not as optimistic as Daumer. They say the Post is likely to spend even more money paying contracted drivers to sit in line as the people who could unload the trucks and move things around don't have to pay overtime.

The Post did not respond directly to our concerns, but said they would take "exceptional measures" to deliver election mail, including special delivery and all-day voting at polling offices on polling day once they arrive at the Post offices.

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