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The program helps develop science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) politicians in Pennsylvania and recognizes 36 members of the fourth cohort.

HARRISBURG, Pa., March 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Pennsylvania Stateewide Afterschool / Youth Development Network (PSAYDN) today announced the fourth cohort of the Pennsylvania STEM Ambassadors Program, which aims to shape the future of STEM education in the Commonwealth by bringing important policy conversations to legislative leadership are aligned in the areas of MINT learning ecosystems, computer science, apprenticeships, state and federal policy for formal and informal education as well as the need for labor.

The cohort gathers on the heels of Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolfs February proposal from a $ 1.35 billion Increase the budget for schools across the state to address inequalities that have historically impacted poorer districts. In 2020, Governor Wolf emphasized the critical role STEM programming will play in the future success of Pennsylvania Youth and the Commonwealth as a Whole. "In order to keep pace with the changing economy," said Wolf, "we must continue to expand our range of skilled workers by expanding STEM and IT training, increasing apprenticeship training and improving cooperation with vocational training."

"Afterschool programs provide meaningful and creative opportunities for young people to get involved in science, technology, engineering and math during the school year and summer. PSAYDN prides itself on supporting and working with STEM ambassadors who work for the Use and advocate for STEM education policies at the state and federal levels, "said PSAYDN Associate Director Steven Williams.

The 36 members of the cohort participating in the 10-month program include representatives from K-12, business and industry, early and adult education, and post-school and after-school time programs. Ambassadors will serve as role models and mentors, empowering youth to look to a bright future in STEM as they work to build a coalition of local and regional support for STEM educational initiatives and policy goals through outreach, education, and targeted relationships with policy makers to advance.

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"With bipartisan support for a wide range of STEM initiatives, workforce development, and economic recovery and development, the Pennsylvania STEM Ambassadors have and will have played an important role in shaping STEM education policy," said Williams.

Program training is made possible through a partnership with the Education Policy and Leadership Center (EPLC) and the national STEM Education Coalition.

Ron CowellThe EPLC president, who has 25 years of experience in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, praised the program. "Policy makers in state government and school boards make decisions that affect the availability and quality of STEM education, and the PA STEM Ambassadors Program and its participants are key stakeholders who build relationships with policymakers about STEM education to improve Pennsylvania Students."

Throughout the program, STEM Ambassadors to Pennsylvania will be briefed on state and federal policy initiatives and will take a leadership role in advancing STEM education policy priorities through various stakeholders.

"The STEM Ambassadors program has been instrumental in promoting the conversation about the importance of science, technology, engineering and math Pennsylvania, "said James Brown, Managing Director of the STEM Education Coalition. It brings business, education, and STEM professionals together, provides training to effectively involve policy makers, and keeps them updated on the latest developments in education across the state and national levels. This has been a formula for success in shaping politics in Pennsylvania for the better."

Serve as an intermediary Chris Neitzey, Director of STEM Policy for the Afterschool Alliance, added, "It's been a pleasure to work with PSAYDN and the Pennsylvania STEM Ambassadors over the years, and I look forward to continuing our support for the 2021 Cohort. The role of the after-school and summer programs STEM learning through play is critical to inspiring our next generation of problem solvers. We need more voices across the educational ecosystem promoting more STEM learning for youth, and the STEM Ambassadors have been a model program for Strengthening these voices. ""

The Pennsylvania School Board Association's training event is hosted by staff from the Center for Schools and Communities, a statewide training and counseling organization that provides a continuum of efforts in social and emotional learning, positive youth development, school safety, and youth violence prevention and cultural literacy, Equity, educational leadership, family support and community service integration, and early childhood care and development. To date, more than 90 STEM executives nationwide have completed the program.

To meet the PA STEM Ambassadors in 2021, visit

The Pennsylvania Stateewide Afterschool / Youth Development Network (PSAYDN) promotes sustainable, high quality extracurricular youth development programs through advocacy and capacity building to improve the wellbeing of Pennsylvania Children, teenagers and families. PSAYDN believes that all children and young people deserve access to programs that promote positive youth development and support successful transition into adulthood. PSAYDN is administered by the Center for Schools and Communities. More information is available at

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