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What you need to know for Friday, April 9, 2021.

Today's weather

High: 63; Low: 54. Today cloudy; cloudy and rainy this weekend.

picture of the Day

The House Divided Project's Dickinson & Slavery initiative unveiled a historic walking tour, half a mile, with six stops that commemorate the role of slavery and freedom in Dickinson's history. Photo by Jimmie Brown, PennLive.com.

Today's speakers

Full Story: Dickinson College completed a year-long project to try to unravel its history of slavery and race. Continue reading.

Store Openings: Casinos, stores, and other businesses are planned to open in central Pennsylvania despite the challenges of a pandemic. Continue reading.

Going out: This is the first full weekend bars and restaurants operate under less stringent coronavirus restrictions in a year. Harrisburg's Second Street facilities expect a busier nightlife. Continue reading.

Coroner called the Perry County fire scene

A child died in a house fire in Liverpool Township on March 18, 2021.
Dan Glider | dgleiter@pennlive.com/file


Family Help: Newport Terror Farm opens tomorrow to help a family in Liverpool Township who lost their daughter in a fire last month. Continue reading.

New trip: The long wait for the "tornado" is almost over as the Knoebels Amusement Resort plans to open the delayed trip this season. Continue reading.

African snails

Federal inspectors at John F. Kennedy International Airport found 22 giant African slugs in a man's luggage on Sunday, April 4, 2021.United States Customs and Border Protection

It's strange

Escargot gone: Inspectors recently found a surprise at JFK Airport: 22 giant African snails in a man's luggage. Continue reading.

See also: Giant climbing snake common in Pa.

Flushed: A group that claims they stole a $ 500,000 Jefferson Davis chair says they will turn it into a toilet unless a Confederate group meets their requirements today. Continue reading.

See also: Missing man driving a truck found far from home in 1946

In sports

Mailbag: Who Are Penn State Footballers Under The Microscope And Who Needs To Step Up? They have opinions. Continue reading.

Springback: After teams didn't have a spring sports season in 2020, District 3 is preparing for a full list of championships for 2021. Read more.


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