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Governor Tom Wolf's relaxed restaurant and bar restrictions have already seen sales spike in less than a week.

HARRISBURG, PA. – Self-certified restaurants and bars across the Commonwealth can now add ambience to residents of their communities.

On April 4, Governor Tom Wolf eased restrictions on these small businesses and increased capacity to 75%. This allowed people to order alcoholic beverages without a meal and resume sales of alcoholic beverages after 11:00 p.m.

These new guidelines have resulted in the general manager of Bacco Pizzeria and Wine Bar in downtown Harrisburg seeing an increase in sales.

"It's great for sales and has boosted alcohol sales many times over because you can just walk in," said Katy Moran. "You pass the restaurant, you think it's a nice atmosphere, you want some wine that you can." – You don't have to wait for a full meal. "

Moran says her employees are ready for the possibility of restrictions being reintroduced.

"Well, we've mastered the art of takeaway everywhere, and that's a big deal because at first it was crazy jumping in the hoops and trying to make take-away cocktails," she said, "but now we kind of know what that looks like. "

James DeLisio Jr., president of the York County, PA, Licensed Drinks and Tavern Association, says he feared new restrictions affecting restaurants could go back and forth.

"It's almost like this is going to be a pattern to adapt to if we can't find another way to run our business," said DeLisio.

Moran hopes this does not happen and that the steps towards normalcy will continue.

"Hopefully they keep helping the small business and the government and if they shut us down I think we'll be fine, I think we can do it, and downtown we'll be fine."

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