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Your horoscope this week: April 4th, 2021

The week before the new moon in Aries has a lot of energy on the to-do list and not a lot of time to do everything the way we'd like. Thank goodness Mercury is leaving Pisces and moving into Aries to remind us that it is always a good time to practice saying no – especially when "no" serves us better in the long run than feeling good now when we are "Say yes. “Openness, directness and energy are the name of the game when the planets stack up in Aries. And it's also good that Jupiter forms a fluid aspect for Aries' ruler Mars in Gemini. We can look forward to informed decisions followed by good luck. It is important to realize that while these influences are mostly positive, they are related to Pluto, who continues to square the sun and perfectly square Venus in Aries on the day of the new moon. We know that Pluto in Capricorn calls up the shadows of the structures and systems that make up our life. Venus in Aries is open and courageous, and Venus in Aries wants to protect what she loves at all costs. One tense aspect between these two signs is an attempt full of power games. Whatever you've heard about masculinity, patriarchy, and gods of war, remember this: Aries is a sign that fights for life and celebrates it. Aries wants new ways of being and rejects any structure that only serves the past. Aries Sun & Aries Rising The week before the Aries new moon is a auspicious week for you if you want it to be. You know as well as anyone that even good news cannot be forced upon Aries who is unwilling to receive it. But when you're ready, when you're ready, good things will come. How can you be sure that you are open to new opportunities and how will you signal your willingness? Be especially aware of the agreements you are making this week and the way you are using your word. not only with others, but also with you. Your word is a spell. So when you speak life into you, life is what you call forward. The more valuable your word is to you, the more meaningful your interactions will be, and deeper insights will emerge from those interactions. Think of it as a positive discipline: to build the world you want, speak of it. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoTaurus Sun & Taurus Rising It takes a while to figure out what it's all for, the memorabilia and diary entries, the certificates you carry with you from town to town to feel like evidence of life that you lived and for the possibility of future ones. This week you will find that whatever you have stored in you has a clear purpose. There are many ways to share what matters to you with the world around you. Relieve yourself, Taurus, of the pressure to find “the right moment”. Every step you take to share the richness of your inner world with your outer world – be it through public work or rituals, creative outlets or mentoring – the more you will keep up with this idea of ​​"timing" and not subject to change . In a parallel universe where everything has already happened and is always happening, it is always the right time to catch up. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoGemini Sun & Gemini RisingIf you have a lot of people on top of you and power trails that you can't see, sign up for this dotted line that can feel like it is underlining your value system. Even if you work for yourself, there are tons of opportunities to put someone first. Freelancers know the pain of saying yes too much today so that there won't be a fountain to drink from tomorrow. While these negotiations are an important part of public relations, they don't need to define your experience with them. In fact, it is likely that this month you are increasingly disillusioned with what you thought was your job and motivated to figure out what exactly you want your job to be – on your own terms. The value you place on your offers, your gift and your time is directly related to its impact and the people who can benefit from it. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoCancer Sun & Cancer Rising We talk a lot about generational wealth, how it gives people a leg up in their lives, but we seldom look at how generational debts can hold people back. And while it's most tangible to talk about debt out of a very literal sense of money, the type of debt a person can carry is much broader than the numbers on their bank statements. Our wealth is directly related to how we imagine our limits – what is available to us, what we are capable of, what we are willing to risk and lose in order to be free. This week you can expect to find clarity about the debts you've been working on and the old self you want to work off as well. This clarity is necessary when reassessing your public role. This clarity will help you figure out how to honor the shady parts without them taking over the reins. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoLeo Sun & Leo RisingEach time you are able to learn more, you will also be able to teach. Think of it this way: relationships never flow in one direction. If you have been pushed to redefine your boundaries, not just in relation to the behavior of others, but also in accordance with your own impulses, then you are pushing those around you to respect what makes you "you" and this in turn has to do respect what makes them what they are. Definition is a pleasure, isn't it? Almost as pleasant as losing yourself. A stay on the coast, where water and sand mix, is a sensual oasis. But when the current pulls, standing in the wet stands becomes unsustainable – rough. It is good to know what water can do. It is good to know what texture and temperature the sand really is. It is good to get to know the role that you are actively filling in your own life before attempting a role in someone else's. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoVirgo Sun & Virgo RisingI know you are tired, dear Virgo. I'm tired just from looking at your schedule too. It's okay to be tired. It's okay to admit that you are a little burned out and, as always, feel like you could get a little extra bang for all the money you continue to spend energetically and … financially. The truth is, your efforts are far from drops in a bucket, or if they are drops in a bucket, they are very valuable drops in a very valuable bucket. Your service to the communities of which you are a part enriches both the communities and you. You learn to contribute from a place of empowerment and an eagerness to learn more. These learning opportunities are key to not only transforming your relationship with wealth, but they will also help you grapple with the way all things must change shape in order to relate to a changing world – including Them. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoLibra Sun & Libra RisingIt might sound counterintuitive, but the truth is, the more time you reserve for yourself, the more likely you are to spend time with others. Of course, you already know this at some level, but it can be difficult to prioritize that bring you joy without trying to share that joy with others. You love to share and you love to spread that joy. Collaborative joy is good – great, in fact – but leaving some alone time to tune in to your inner child and create what could supposedly be brain junk is a crucial Libra mode of operation. The more you inscribe yourself into your schedule, the more consciously you become aware of fluctuations in your state of being: what inspires you, what challenges you, what bores you. In return, you will become more and more aware of how your relationships affect you and shape you. And how you shape them. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Rising When most people talk about their relationships with their relatives, they are talking about a story. In history there are set narratives of who people are and who they want to relate to one another. History is always being written, but as long as it is being written by one person, it is unlikely to change. In the hands of another character, it is obvious that the perspective would change and the plot would condense. We know this, but it's hard to live by what we know so as not to get hurt when people stop treating us like they used to. Hardly noticeable, there are countless opportunities for relatives to change in everyday life, from appointments and errands, pets and jobs, and that their change has very little to do with us. Building a life together means being in a constant state of loss and acceptance, wanting to experience changes together? Illustration by Stefhany LozanoSagittarius Sun & Sagittarius RisingA's Aries season is gaining traction, especially when Mercury slips into Aries this week, which is good time to switch from Research Mode to Action Mode. However, the mode of action for you is not the same as it is for your fire sign brothers. Your research has played an important part along the way so far, including the non-book lessons. Crisis and heartbreak were worthy teachers alongside your mentors and friends. The wisdom and approaches you have learned from it will serve you now as long as you can see that your intuition and point of view are critically important in every step you take. Expressing yourself means honoring the impact your past and everyone in it have had on you. To share yourself and what you know with others is to share the work of all of these teachers. It's an act of gratitude. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoCapricorn Sun & Capricorn RisingThere are many ways to feel rich in this world and Capricorn, this week is your chance to feel your fortune at your door. It's a great time to reach out to your support networks, toss the bucket in the full well, tap a tree, and lick the spout. You don't have to have a sip of champagne every time you get thirsty, but you can take a moment and appreciate all the ways in which you have called this type of abundance, work for it, and do your due diligence. Still, more feels like more when you feel safe and secure enough to share, and at times it can be difficult to find people worthy of your trust. The good news is, the more you are able to connect to the source of your abundance – which is renewable because you are – the easier it will be to allow others to celebrate you and share their abundance with you . We enrich each other every time we get together, it doesn't have to be forever. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoAquarius Sun & Aquarius Rising It's not inherently capitalist or whatever, to differentiate yourself, cut out a tiny piece of cake and decorate it with your name. We don't live in a collective culture, baby, and while some collective choices might help us, the cult of the individual is alive and well around the world. People have written love stories for a long time, thinking that what they felt in their heart was an original flame, the first of its kind to burn and the first to put out so terribly. Without that belief, we wouldn't have the books we have. It's important to acknowledge that you want to be the protagonist, that you want a big story, that you want it to matter. Willing is an essential work and the more you accept that part of you, the easier it will be to lead it into passionate projects. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoPisces Sun & Pisces Rising Don't let the turbulence bother you, dear Pisces. They know the river can get choppy from time to time, but that doesn't mean the hard times will continue. Part of the zodiac's sign of surrender is knowing that sometimes the best way to fight a strong current is to swim with it. You may not know where it will take you, but you can bet the tide that if you deny something that is inevitable it will be much better than where you will land. Who you are and everything you have reserved for moments like these will not only see through you, but will also serve as a directional light for those in your circle. Let your devotion be a kind of shelter of faith for everyone who comes to you. Be the school of fish. What you offer won't exhaust you, it will give you new insights into who you are. Illustration by Stefhany LozanoHow do you see? How about a little more R29 grade, right here? Obsessed with astrology? Many thanks to TikTok – & COVIDIt & # 39; s Aries Season. Be A Little Selfish How important is your roommate's zodiac sign?

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