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Judge to Bullhorn Mom: You are so unpatriotic that my straight hair curls.

Criminal complaint Rachel Marie Powell, an eight-year-old Pennsylvania mother who became known as the "Megaphone Lady" after shouting orders to rioters during the Capitol search, was released on bail by a DC federal judge. District Court judge Beryl Howell described Powell's alleged actions on Jan. 6 as "so unpatriotic it made my straight hair curl," but said Powell could have an electronic ankle monitor attached to her home in Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania at any time. Powell must wear a face mask to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Howell said. Powell's nose and mouth if given permission to leave home to work, see a doctor, or check with her lawyer Howell noted they were uncovered during the Capitol riot, according to video evidence presented in court. Prosecutors pointed out that Powell had previously been fired for refusing to wear a mask. But Powell's attorney, Michael Engle, insisted that his client would obey the rules if released. & # 39; Bullhorn Lady & # 39; Mother Arrested in Pennsylvania for Capitol Riot "We appreciate the court that gives Rachel the opportunity to return to her family and be reunited with her children," Engle said after the hearing on The Daily Beast. "Of course, we still have a lot to do, to figure out how best to deal with this case, but today was a significant step in the right direction for Rachel to see her children and approach this matter from home instead. Arrested February by the FBI in New Castle, Pennsylvania, ending a nationwide manhunt in which then-fugitive Ronan Farrow of The New Yorker gave an extensive telephone interview. Powell, who sells cheese and yogurt at a farmers market in western Pennsylvania, is charged Disability, expropriation of state property, entering a restricted building with a dangerous weapon, and forcible entry / un Accused of orderly conduct. The government said in a lawsuit that Powell left her children at home when she joined the January 6 riot: "The defendant abandoned her children and traveled to the District of Columbia to participate in a riot" the prosecutor wrote. “She came prepared, armed with earmuffs to dampen rifle fire and a jacket to hide a weapon. She was not satisfied with demonstrating peacefully, but broke into the US Capitol with a battering ram. In doing so, she put the lives of law enforcement and rioters at risk. Then she instructed her companions how best to get into the Capitol. By directly promoting violence and destruction, the defendant has fueled a situation that threatens the peaceful transfer of power in the United States. “Criminal complaint Tuesday a federal judge in Pennsylvania ordered Powell's release. In response, the government immediately asked that the order remain. Powell was held until Howell announced her decision on Thursday. Forcing into the Capitol Building is a "very serious" crime that could result in up to 20 years in prison, and the government has cell tower dates that are stirring Powell, Howell said on telefone today. Powell "enthusiastically" participated in the uprising, using a megaphone to give instructions on how to get further into the Capitol and using a battering ram to smash a window, Howell went on, adding that Powell was The New Yorker gave an interview “and admitted her involvement in trying to disrupt our constitutional democracy. “Still, Howell said she only caused property damage and didn't bring any weapons with her to DC. Powell also surrendered to the FBI, surrendered her passport, and after her February arrest, arrangements were made to remove several legally owned weapons from her home, which, according to Howell, also worked in favor of Powell's release. In addition, the Justice Department had no objection to two members of the Proud Boys who scribbled "Murder the Media" on a door in the Capitol that is being released on bail. Howell wondered if Powell, who has no criminal history, has close ties to her area and teaches five of her eight children in school, could be seen as a greater danger to the community by comparison. Oath Guardians Scheduled to Use Armed Forces on Capitol Riot: Docs "When the government appeals the judge's decision to the district court, it is a whole new assessment of the evidence by another judge so you never know what will happen "said Engle. "We were pleased (Howell) that these terms were appropriate." According to court documents, Powell first informed the authorities of an anonymous tipster. The FBI was then able to compare Facebook photos of Powell with a signature set of earmuffs to those she wore in the Capitol. Powell only recently began to express extreme political views. In the past, Facebook mostly posted anodyne missives about yoga and organic food. After hearing reports from figures such as Infowars founder Alex Jones, who claimed the Sandy Hook school shooting was a joke, and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was Donald Trump's personal attorney, making countless false claims had been influenced, her tone changed "It is not too late to wake up, say no and restore freedoms," Powell wrote on Facebook last May. During a search of Powell's house and car, the agents found three "Go Bags" items, ammunition, zip ties, rope, tape, knives, throwing stars and two loaded magazines for an AK-47. They also uncovered a number of cell phones that appeared to have been torn to pieces in what prosecutors believe could have been an attempt by Powell to destroy evidence. "It's crazy," a Powell neighbor told Pittsburgh CBS News subsidiary KDKA. "We're Republicans, but we'd never do that. Biden is now the president. Live with it. Overcome it." 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