Harrisburg man determined for assist after having wheelchair stolen – ABC27

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — One Midstater is desperate for help after his wheelchair was stolen. Now, he is asking the community for support.

Anthony Williams has used an electric wheelchair to get around for the past several years.

“I have (a) bad back and I have bad legs. I cannot walk no more than about half a block,” Williams said.

A few weeks ago, he plugged it in outside of a nearby gas station and went inside to grab a bag of chips. “I was charging it for a couple of minutes, and I came outside, and it was gone that quick.”

The thief took more than just his chair.

“It’s making me emotional because I can’t do anything. I sit home. I do nothing, watch TV. When I have my chair, I can get around,” Williams said.

He says the wheelchair isn’t cheap or easy to replace. “I get disability and have to pay my rent and everything. After I pay that, my bills, I don’t have anything.”

Police are investigating, but the gas station told Williams surveillance cameras were not working. In addition, Williams says his insurance noted they might be able to cover a new wheelchair — but that the process could take some time.

He said he just wants to be able to get around again, so if the thief returns his wheelchair he won’t ask any questions or press charges.

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