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"In 1999 a small group of social workers gathered to rethink a model for adoption and permanence services," he said Rick Azzaro, CEO of Voce. "The model has been recognized nationwide to accelerate adoptions and support families. Building on this legacy, Voce is providing advice and training to agencies across the country on trauma and loss, adoption and permanence, diversity and inclusion, and the individual and family. Our vision." is a society in which everyone belongs and which is empowered to thrive. "

With more than 20 years of experience, Voce has an extremely deep and comprehensive insight into the system of human service. At the macro level, Voce helps recruitment agencies break down silos, build communication and maintain collaboration between disciplines. At the micro level, the organization guides, trains and supports professionals in all facets of the system. At every point in between, Voce works to identify and solve problems that will ultimately improve the lives of children and families.

"Human services is a dynamic field that is influenced by changes in society, public order, laws, regulations, the judicial system, the economy, healthcare and more," said Azzaro. “Adapting to change is daunting for many agencies, especially when those changes require program, staff, or technology overhauls. Voce is uniquely equipped to help other agencies adapt by providing knowledge and tools to help families can help overcome challenges and stay safe together. As a change agent, we will use our voices and empower others to use theirs to bring about positive and lasting changes in people's lives. "

Leveraging its unique experience as a liaison between public sector agencies and direct child welfare service providers, Voce also plans to innovate new technology solutions that can improve adoption services in states, counties and cities across the country.

Voce also already has a position in human services Pennsylvania Limits. The organization is one of only four licensed Training for Adoption Competency locations in the Northeast and 17 across the country. TAC, the Voce in collaboration with the MarylandThe adoption support and education center is a skills-based training program for mental health clinicians providing pre- and post-adoption services. Adoptive clinicians are in demand because adoptive parents often have difficulty finding therapists qualified to work with adoptive families.

"As we make this transition, we realize that we are doing this on the shoulders of this small group of visionary social workers who inspired the idea for our agency two decades ago," said Azzaro. "While Voce was founded in the Harrisburg Region, we strive to use our voice and share our expertise to create positive changes for children and families far beyond Pennsylvania. "

About Voce

Voce (vō-chāy), which means voice, is a change agent. Voce was founded in 1999 and pioneered a model that is nationally recognized to expedite adoptions and support families. Today, the Harrisburg, PAA nonprofit organization provides advice and training to recruitment agencies across the country on trauma and loss, adoption and permanence, diversity and inclusion, and wellbeing of individuals and families. Voce uses his voice and empowers others to use theirs to make positive and lasting changes in people's lives. To learn more, visit VoceTogether.org.


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