Harrisburg enterprise proprietor on delayed settlement declare: ‘I’ve misplaced every thing’ – ABC27

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — ​Howard Henry says he does not deserve what has happened since a retaining wall and parts of the parking lot at the McFarland Apartments collapsed on his business in May 2016.

Henry is still awaiting financial compensation for that incident so that he can re-open Howard Tire & Auto.

“I still can’t believe that this is my reality,” Henry said. “I did nothing​ wrong but I am the only one that has suffered. I have lost everything.​”

He says a judge recently canceled a settlement hearing with McFarland LP and other defendants in the case. Henry believes McFarland is using stall tactics to avoid paying him.

“They are responsible,” he said. “They even settled with their own insurance company but they​ continue to refuse to pay me.”

Henry says McFarland did not disclose the amount of insurance money they received nor have they demonstrated any willingness to resolve the matter.

“They promised to make things right in 2019 and in early 2020,” Henry said. “I have sold everything that I own to get these guys to come to the table and they keep promising the judge one thing and motions to try and stall it. It has me holding my breath, I just want this done.” ​

​The judge has ordered a mandatory status update meeting on March 18.

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