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He stated that he had requested an adjustment from the county, but due to a potential postal error, never received the notice of property tax increase in time to have the adjustment made.

Almond stated that other businesses in Harrisburg had also missed the property tax adjustment deadline due to potential postal error.

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“I think it is truly unfair to all of us who are hurting financially to have this burden of tax increase during a time when we are put into a situation which we have no control of,” Almond said.

Councilmember Ian Patrick requested town staff to look into provided financial aid to local businesses from town funds available fro appropriation from the town council.

Councilmember Troy Selberg agreed and stated that he had spoken with several business owners in the area.

“I had spoken not just with Chris Almond but with others within our community who are struggling greatly during these unprecedented times and are just trying to make ends meet,” Selberg said. “None of them are requesting that taxes be waived.”

Selberg explained that local business owners were asking for the opportunity to pay their property taxes in installments instead of a lump sum.

As a result of the October 12 meeting, town staff put together a proposal for the Small Business COVID-19 Grant Program and presented it to council during the November 12 meeting. It was approved unanimously, with Councilmember Rick Russo marked as a ‘yes’ due to his lack of response during the vote. 

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