From committee to board: Harrisburg approves Sustainability Board bylaws – Unbiased Tribune

HARRISBURG – During Monday’s town council meeting, the Harrisburg Town Council approved bylaws for the town’s Sustainability Committee, making it an official board of the town.

Mayor Steve Sciascia first discussed forming the committee back in August 2019. His initial suggestion was to form an advisory board. Since then the committee has looked into advanced sustainability practices and worked on ways to educate the public. By approving bylaws, the committee is now the Sustainability Advisory Board.

The board’s purpose is to:

The board will meet monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Harrisburg Town Hall. The meetings will be advertised and will be in line with North Carolina’s Open Meetings Law.

There will be three officer positions to be filled by board members: chairman, vice chairman and secretary. Those positions will be filled annually at the January meeting.

The board will have a maximum of 15 members and each member may serve four consecutive two year terms, with a total of eight years. Members who have already served the eight years can be reappointed after a year’s absence. The members will all come from other boards and communities, Sciascia said.

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