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The West Shore Theater in New Cumberland is getting closer to renovating.

Much of the news lately has been stressful and frankly just a downer. But everything wasn't bad here in the castle. As you prepare mentally for whatever may or may not come to town this weekend, check out our local coverage listed and linked below.

The Art Association of Harrisburg launched a new exhibition last week called "Observations & Experiences". Our art blogger Bob MacGinnes is previewing the exhibition, which is a commentary on life and its celebration as seen and experienced by a quartet of female artists.

According to our reporting, home sales in the Harrisburg area have increased significantly over the past month. Home sales totaled 744 units in December, compared to 611 units in December 2019 for the three county region.

Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse announced that all city workers must be given the COVID-19 vaccine, our online story reported. He said widespread infection would "cripple" the city's ability to serve Harrisburg residents.

Harrisburg Regional Chamber and CREDC Board of Directors announced their chief executives and officers for the coming year, our online story reported. Meron Yemane of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management will serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors, while Mike Funck of Wohlsen Construction will serve as Chairman of CREDC.

The residents of Harrisburg prepare for possible protests, crouch down and hope for safety. The congregation has seen rallies in their neighborhood for months, but what may come this weekend affects them particularly.

Harrisburg University sold $ 100 million in revenue to fund the construction of its 11-story academic building in downtown Harrisburg. HU President Eric Darr said this was an important step for the project.

Jane Elliot, a prominent racial educator, will be a panelist at the Sankofa African American Theater Company's virtual film festival. Artistic Director Sharia Benn hopes that the festival will reach a diverse audience and teach people not only how prejudices arise, but how they can be changed.

According to our playwright, Open Stage will take a bizarre, scary ride with “Kafka's Shorts”. The play features six of Franz Kafka's short stories, three of which you might miss if you blink, but are omnipotent in the narrative.

The PA National Guard plans to send troops to Harrisburg to prepare for possible violent protests leading to the presidential inauguration, our online story reported. Local and state law enforcement officials said they are ready for whatever comes their way with planes, drones and bomb technicians on standby.

Sara Bozich has a list of recommendations for weekend activities, including a customized picnic experience and a private screening at Midtown Cinema. You can find the full list here.

"Voices of the Pandemic" is a recently published anthology written by health care professionals, educators, writers, animators, and others. Lancaster-based author Don Helin, who edited the book, believes this will be a way to look back at the emotions that accompanied the pandemic.

The West Shore Theater in New Cumberland is nearing reopening its doors after being closed for six years. Nonprofit Friends of the West Shore Theater announced large grants and donations to help fund the renovation project.

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