Police Rising Presence In Harrisburg As FBI Warns Of Threats, Demonstrations Forward Of Biden’s Inauguration – CBS Philly

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — State leaders are increasing security ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration. The attack on the U.S. Capitol last week is changing operations in Pennsylvania’s capital.

Police presence has been increasing in Harrisburg following a stiff warning from federal investigators.

The FBI, in a bulletin intercepted by the press on Monday, predicted uprisings and protests could happen at state Capitols across the country as early as this weekend and extend days past the inauguration of president-elect Joe Biden.

In Harrisburg, Capitol Police were said to be gathering intelligence on any possible threats or planned demonstrations.

“We have raised our visibility here in the capital just to reassure the public that we are prepared and we do have the resources to respond and keep their wellbeing ensured,” said Troy Thompson, a spokesman for the Department of General Services.

JJ Klaver, a retired FBI supervisor, explained the bulletin that showed some groups calling for the storming of statehouses should be taken seriously.

“I think there is some lessons to be learned and I think leadership of these agencies tasked with providing security to these facilities are probably looking at that and saying, ‘How can we prevent people from getting inside of these buildings?’” Klaver said.

State lawmakers like Republican Todd Stephens and Democrat Matt Bradford, both of Montgomery County, said their own safety is now something they’re mindful of given the violence at the nation’s Capitol.

“To hear that there’s even further discussion about additional violence after the tragic episode we saw last week at the nation’s capital is distressing. It’s just not the way to do business here in America,” Stephens said.

“It’s scary. When you see what happened last week, you realize it can happen anywhere. The U.S. Capitol, as well protected as that is, you stoke the flames long enough, it gets out of control,” Bradford said.

Despite the FBI warning, there is nothing set in stone or planned for demonstrations or protests in Harrisburg.


Sources: FBI Searching West Goshen Home; US Attorney For DC Leading Investigation

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