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An officer from animal control said the 16 roosters rescued were ‘dressed for fighting’ which means removing the comb and waddle, and natural spurs on their legs.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — A Harrisburg man and woman are facing multiple charges after officials discovered their basement was used to breed roosters they then used in cockfights.

On July 23, officials from multiple agencies executed a search warrant at the home of Tanja Reynolds and Jeffrey Perez-Guzman on the 2400 block of 6th Street. During their search of the home, officials found 16 roosters and 10 hens in the basement.

Based on the condition of the roosters and what appeared to be cockfighting paraphernalia throughout the basement, Animal Control Officer William Sandstrom told police it looked like the people living in the home were involved in raising roosters for cockfighting, according to the affidavit.

During a more in-depth investigation Officer Sandstrom discovered and seized items such as a stuffed chicken model on a pole, spurs, supplements, and razor blades and determined that the roosters rescued were in fact used for cockfighting.

Authorities seized two cellphones belonging to Reynolds and Perez-Guzman and after securing a search warrant a state computer forensic’s agent analyzed the contents of the phones. Multiple photos and videos of cockfighting were discovered on the mobile devices along with evidence that Reynolds, Perez-Guzman, and a third person were all present during the illegal activities and were aware of what the roosters were being raised for, reads the affidavit.

Officer Sandstrom said all of the roosters rescued from the basement were ‘dressed for fighting’ which is only done for the purpose of cockfighting. This practice includes removing the comb and waddle of the rooster and removing the natural spurs on the rooster’s leg so a knife can be attached.

Reynolds and Perez-Guzman are facing numerous charges for animal fighting.

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