Jennie Jenkins-Dallas broadcasts candidacy for Harrisburg Metropolis Council – PennLive

An entrepreneur and former Harrisburg police officer has thrown her hat in the ring to run for Harrisburg City Council.

Jennie Jenkins-Dallas, 50, announced she is running in the May 18 Democratic Primary Election.

“Much like the city of Harrisburg, my family includes whites, Blacks and Latinos,” Jenkins-Dallas said. “As a member of city council, I will promote unity and respect everyone regardless of race, neighborhood or economic status.”

Jenkins-Dallas has lived in Harrisburg since 2006 and worked as a police officer with the Harrisburg Bureau of Police.

While with the department, Jenkins was accused in 2014 of stealing $7,000 from the Police Athletic League, but the case was resolved in 2016 without Jenkins admitting any wrongdoing and repaying a $350 unintended overpayment from the league. She filed a lawsuit in 2015, saying she was wrongfully accused in retaliation for her filing of internal complaints about sex discrimination and workplace harassment, resulting in a settlement.

“One of the main reasons I’m running is because I know how hard it can be to take on a corrupt system and win,” Jenkins-Dallas said in her candidate announcement. “Despite the relentless attacks I faced from the establishment, I was not only vindicated but won a sizable settlement from the city because of their conduct. Ultimately, I wrote the city a check for $350, and the city wrote me a check for $140,000; what does that tell you about who was right and who was wrong?”

But Jenkins-Dallas said that is the past, and looking to the future, she wants to be on city council to foster positive relationships benefiting the citizens of Harrisburg. She said she will focus on the areas of communication; cooperation; creativity and fairness, equality and prosperity.

She said city council needs to be open to working with all departments and must work with any mayor who is in office. As an entrepreneur, she said she can help the city “think outside the box” for ways to generate revenue. And she added the city must work to address the needs of all, including areas of affordable housing, food scarcity, promoting small businesses – particularly minority-owned – infrastructure and public safety.

Jenkins-Dallas has degrees in business administration from HACC and Elizabethtown College. She is publisher of La Voz Latina Central and Black Wall Street PA and serves as vice-president of Estamos Unidos de Pennsylvania and the Latino Hispanic Professional Associations.

She is married to Bishop William Dallas III, has six children and stepchildren and one granddaughter.

For more information, visit her campaign website.

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