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The Bill by MP Barry Jozwiak requiring PennDOT to return vehicle stickers was passed by the House Transportation Committee on Tuesday.

Proposed legislation, which Jozwiak says will assist PennDOT's financial crisis and law enforcement investigations, will be voted on in house. An appointment is not yet planned.

The 16-9 vote came after a hearing where lawmaker asked Jozwiak why the state would want to revert to a sticker system when police can look up vehicle registration information on computers in their police vehicles.

State representative Barry Jozwiak

Jozwiak, a Republican from the Bern community, said it was faster for an officer to see an expired sticker than to check the status on a computer.

Jozwiak, a former state trooper and county sheriff, said the main benefit is providing law enforcement with a tool to detect other illegal activities while generating additional funding to help deal with PennDOT's funding crisis.

Motorists pay PennDOT an annual vehicle registration fee of $ 38. You can pay two years in advance. Registration and proof of insurance are required for an annual vehicle inspection.

Connecticut and New Jersey are the only other states that do not require stickers to register a vehicle.

Jozwiak said the state lost $ 51 million in revenue by abolishing sticker requirements in 2017 because fewer motorists were paying registration fees.

Jozwiak determined the amount of revenue lost by identifying the total number of reduced registrations based on the cost per registration.

PennDOT spokesman Diego M. Sandino said Tuesday the legislation was based on false claims of lost revenue.

He said the department raised $ 11.7 million over the three years from removing the stickers, resulting in savings.

"It is disappointing that PennDOT's efforts to modernize its process and improve the customer experience are met with oppositionespecially since the basis for this legislation is the imprecise assumption that PennDOT has lost revenue and the Pennsylvanians are not properly registering their vehicles, "Sandino said in a prepared statement.

Sandino says customers appreciate the ability to renew and print online documents without waiting for a sticker in the mail.

Jozwiak said PennDOT still had the equipment to make the stickers so there would be no additional cost.

MEP Mike Carroll, chairman of the minority and Democrat of the Lucerne district, refuses to return the stickers as they can be stolen and the new system of online registration is more convenient for consumers.

Carroll also said PennDOT will save $ 11 million in processing costs for the stickers.

Jozwiak also noted that this bill is supported by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association, the fraternal police force of the Pennsylvania State Lodge, and the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association.

Rep. Stephen Kinsley, a Philadelphia Democrat, expressed concern about people peeling off the stickers.

Jozwiak said the sticker could include the license plate to help identify the driver.

PennDOT also noted that during the pandemic it was possible to renew registrations online without the need to mail a sticker, while other states reported that stickers were left behind from registrations.

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