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HARRISBURG, PA (WHTM) – The Harrisburg forum building turns ninety this year. It was inaugurated on September 16, 1931.

For years it housed the state ministry of education. Thousands of events have taken place in the Forum Auditorium.

But when you have a ninety year old building, you have to deal with ninety year old infrastructure. Cramped offices. old wiring, old plumbing, old heating systems and air conditioning – well, that was something of an afterthought.

Most of the building has been vacant for the past twenty years.

The Harrisburg Forum building is under renovation

But now it is being massively redesigned.

The crews are gutting the top three floors to create 139,000 square feet of new, more open office space. The building will have new heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing, cabling, fire alarm and fire fighting systems and, in particular, computer and data networks.

Outside the building, dirty surfaces are cleaned and repaired.

South Drive, the street that runs by the main entrance, is being widened for greater efficiency, allowing more cars to drive in by parking them diagonally.

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Three of the prime contractors are local companies: Midline Mechanical of Ephrata will handle the HVAC, Jay R. Reynolds of Willow Street will do the installation, and the general construction contract went to Wohlsen Construction of Lancaster.

The entire project is expected to cost around $ 90 million. If things stay on schedule, the project should be completed and the building opened for operations in January 2023.

It will house approximately eight hundred employees from the Ministry of Education, the State Library, and the State Law Library. And the show continues in the auditorium.

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