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Harrisburg, Pa. (WHTM)- The recent increase in COVID-19 cases in Dauphin County may pushback Harrisburg School District’s plans to get students back into the classrooms.

“We are watching the numbers closely,” said Christopher Celmer, acting superintendent, Harrisburg School District.

Students started the school year with 100% remote learning. The district’s goal was to eventually get students back into the classroom for in person instruction.

“Looking at possibly bringing small cohorts of students back for in person learning at some point in November,” said Celmer.

COVID-19 data will determine if that happens. The superintendent says if the number of cases continue to increase the fall sports season could also be affected.

“We will then have to continue to reevaluate our continution of our fall athletic season,” said Celmer.

In order to get students back into the classroom safely and for the fall sports season to continue there must be a decrease in COVID-19 cases in Dauphin County,

“Three weeks of declining positivity rate less than 5 percent. We are also looking for a incident per 100 thousand rate of below 50 for three consecutive weeks,” said Celmer.

As the Cougars prepare for their first home football game of the season, the district will be keeping an eye on the number of coronavirus cases in the county.

“Certainly we will be providing more information in the coming weeks as we continue to monitor the data on a week to week basis,” said Celmer.

The Cougars first home game is Saturday at 1:00 p.m. In an effort to reduce crowd size there is no general admission. The school district will be streaming the game live.

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