Harrisburg space man arrested for theft and assault – Carlisle Sentinel

A Harrisburg area man was charged in an incident in July at Dave & Buster's Capital City Mall.

Lower Allen Township Police said Safear Odus Wallale, 18, who was arrested Saturday, is awaiting a preliminary hearing before District Judge Christopher Delozier on two counts: robbery, conspiracy, robbery, simple assault, illegal ingestion, Conspiracy to commit simple attack and conspiracy to commit theft by illegally taking, according to court documents.

According to community police, officers were deposed because of a fight at Dave & Buster at around 4:21 pm. on July 29th.

Officials investigated a report of younger black men who assaulted another black man in the company's main lobby area before they fled.

Police say the surveillance video shows the victim standing with his girlfriend at the entrance with his back to a slot machine. According to the police, a tall black man is standing nearby with four other black men. The man is filming on his cell phone while swinging his left hand against the victim's head.

According to police, a second person identified as a youth slaps the victim in the face as he withdraws from the first attacker’s first blow. Police say a third man identified as Wallale kicks in by kicking the victim and his girlfriend after they fell to the ground during the attack.

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