Harrisburg Metropolis Council hears a pitch for the Non-Discrimination Ordinance, together with LGBTQ – Unbiased Tribune

Perez said this regulation would enable people to live, work and do business without fear of discrimination for who they are.

"This is just a blueprint, just one possible direction Harrisburg can take to make the city a welcoming place to live, work and do without fear of harm or discrimination," said Perez. "There is time and a community here that wants to get this right."

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As a member of the LGBTQ community, Perez said she and other businesses have shunned out of fear because of discrimination.

"We learn from these interactions and avoid these places in the future for our own safety and for the benefit of our mental health," said Perez.

While the Council heard the presentation early in its session, there was little to no discussion on the matter. Diamond Staton-Williams was the only councilor who asked Perez a question.

Before the meeting, there was some discussion between the council and the mayor about how to deal with the draft regulation. There was some discussion about handing it over to the prosecutor. However, according to emails, this resulted in a stagnant conversation.

The mayor then offered to let Perez speak to the council. Councilor Ian Patrick asked the council to decide whether the prosecutor should review the document.

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