Harrisburg enterprise proprietor faces one other roadblock in cleansing up collapsed wall – ABC27

HARRISBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A Harrisburg business owner is facing another roadblock in his court case, four years after a wall collapsed on his auto business.

That’s after the judge on his case was removed from the bench by the Pennsyvlania Supreme Court.

It was May 2016 when a retaining wall and parts of the parking lot at the McFarland Apartments collapsed on Howard Tire & Auto.

The mess still hasn’t been cleaned up, and owner Howard Henry fears his case is being stalled.

Henry says McFarland LP received money from its insurance company to remove the debris and that a plan was ready in January.

“Judge Clark and Adam Klein are the mice who roared. ‘Oh we’re going to clean it up,’ but when it came time to clean it up, they ran and scattered; unemployment, whatever they could do to obstruct next and here I stand broken,” Henry said.

He accuses both McFarland’s attorney and Judge Lawrence Clark Jr., in charge of his case, of delaying any payment he’s owed and cleanup of the collapse.

“They don’t care about my suffering. I suffer day and night in anxiety,” Henry said. “You can’t even imagine the kind of hurt and pain that nobody should ever have to endure.”

Wednesday, abc27 learned Clark was stripped of his senior status because the state Supreme Court felt it was inappropriate for him to apply for federal pandemic unemployment assistance, while still receiving his state pension and other benefits.

Now Dauphin County President Judge John Cherry will have to ask the Supreme Court for another senior judge to take his place.

“I’m hoping that he is working with the Supreme Court justices to put a senior judge on my case that is astute, who understands justice and wants to deliver it and not go on unemployment and leave me stuck one more time,” Henry said.

Henry says he’s poured $700,000 dollars into this case and hopes this doesn’t set him back further.

We did reach out to judge Clark, who directed abc27 to his attorney, who is unfamiliar with the details of this particular case, but adamant that Clark has done nothing wrong

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