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HARRISBURG (WSIL) — A business in Harrisburg provided lunch Friday to those working to get food to students learning from home.

David Morse, a financial rep with Country Financial in Harrisburg, says his office wanted to help serve those who are stepping up in his community.

“This is part of our Better Together Program with Country and our office, our local office here. It’s just giving back to the community, especially helping support those who are already supporting others in our communities.”

Country Financial brought the Rockin’ Taco food truck to Harrisburg High School, where they provided free meals to first responders and school volunteers who have been helping feed students in the district.

“Since March 17th, we have been assembling meals for students. We assemble them throughout the week, and then we disperse them on Mondays,” says Food Service Coordinator Valarie Hodges.

The school is providing five days worth of breakfast and lunches to pre-K through high school students.

Hodges says that’s about 1,400 bags each week.

“There is shelf-stable food in there. There is freezer food in there, vegetables. There are fruits, there’s milk, the whole gambit is there.”

She says the food is a supplement for what students would normally receive.

“It is recommended by the USDA. It follows the same guidelines, as what a child would receive during the school day.”

Morse says his organization wants to support those that are on the front lines.

“This is our way of helping and supporting those who are helping others, where we’re all better together, just trying to help one another.”

Hodges encourages her students to claim the bag that’s waiting for them, every Monday.

“We want you to know that you’re not alone, that we are still here for you, and to come and see us on Mondays at one of our sites.”

She says the school will start reaching out to students in rural communities in the coming weeks, adding meal pick up sites for students in Galatia, Raleigh, and Carrier Mills.

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