Harrisburg councilman has authorized issues over Racial Fairness Activity Pressure – Impartial Tribune

To make an official meeting open to the public, minutes of the meeting need to be taken, a notice must be made to the public in advance of the meeting, the public needs to have access to attend the meeting and the public needs to have access to its minutes.

Council member Troy Selberg stated that he was also concerned about whether the task force was subject to the Open Meetings Law. In an interview with the Independent Tribune, he said his concerns stemmed from the number of council members attending the meetings.

He said that at one meeting, four members were present, which would have the majority of the town council members present, making the task force meeting subject to Open Meetings Law. He said he wanted clarity if the task force was subject to the law so that the task force could continue its work without issue.

With COVID-19, meetings are held virtually, and it is easy for council members to log onto a meeting and potentially not realize three members are already present. He said that, as council members, they need to make sure they follow state law.

“My concern is just making sure that as a government body, we are following the statutes of the state of North Carolina,” he said to the Independent Tribune.

During the council meeting, Selberg said that several town boards and committees had started in a similar fashion to the task force, where council members were present with residential volunteers. The Sustainability Committee, which recently was approved as a town board, had a similar start.

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