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Newt Gingrich upset with "Totally Destructive" pro-Trump attorneys whom he helped encourage

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who has been guilty of fraudulent election conspiracies for weeks, was widely ridiculed Thursday when he suddenly railed against conspiratorial pro-Trump attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell as "totally destructive". In an off-the-rail Georgia rally on Wednesday, Wood repeatedly urged Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp to convene a special legislature to investigate President Donald Trump's loss of the election in the state, and urged Kemp to To be "locked up" if he doesn't. At the same time, he and Powell urged voters not to vote for Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in the Senate runoff elections if they also do not support his demands: "You don't deserve your vote," said Wood, calling for a boycott. "Don't give it to them. Why go back and vote on another rigged election, for God's sake? Fix it! You have to fix it!" While many conservative politicians and right-wing media outlets had recently raised hopes that the protracted lawsuits from Wood and Powell could overturn President-elect Joe Biden's victory, Trumpist attorneys urged Republicans to suspend the decisive Senate race was a bridge too far. The Trump campaign is now trying to distance itself from Wood by calling him Democratic Painting agent working against the president. Ingrich quickly joined Team Trump's pile and tried to put the genie back in the bottle he opened a few weeks ago.> Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are totally destructive. Every Georgian Conservative Who cares about America MUST vote in the runoff, your strategy of not voting will be A. paralyze merika >> – Newt Gingrich (@newtgingrich) December 3, 2020 "Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are totally destructive," he said on Twitter. “Any conservative Georgian interested in America MUST vote in the runoff election. Your strategy of not voting will cripple America. However, the ex-spokesman for the House did not mention how he helped encourage the 'Stop the Steal' movement, which he is now actively trying to distance itself from – now that its supporters pose a threat to Republican control over Senate. Just days after the election, when it became clear that Biden would win a decisive election victory, current Fox News agent asked Attorney General Bill Barr to send federal agents to arrest election workers while he said Pennsylvania election results should be thrown away . Days later he said Trump's loss was due to a "corrupt, stolen election" and accused it of a "leftist takeover funded by people like George Soros who are deeply rooted at the local level." Gingrich, the liberal philanthropist and calling longtime right-wing fools on a “rigged” election platform coincided with Powell's claim that Soros was involved in an international conspiracy to use Dominion voting software to steal millions of votes from Trump, something that Gingrich has been stepping up in recent weeks fiery rhetoric about his belief that the elections, particularly in Georgia, were fraudulent and included state Republicans in. On November 18, he urged Trump supporters to "physically" go to the Georgia governor's mansion to vote prevent the state from confirming the election results. And earlier this week he claimed Kemp and Georgia Sec. Bra d Raffensperger, who repeatedly exposed Trump's election fraud lies, was a "subsidiary of Stacey Abrams" and "does things that are outrageous and illegal". After Gingrich's tweet, journalists and media representatives mocked the former spokesman for trying to deny the "Frankenstein's monster" that he helped create. Many joked that Hugo Chavez came to Gingrich a lot, citing Powell's outrageous claim that the long-dead Venezuelan dictator was involved in the fantastic conspiracy to use corrupt software to send Trump votes to Biden. "Don't listen to Newt! Chavez is stealing your votes," national security attorney Bradley Moss tweeted Thursday morning. Read more on The Daily Beast. Get our top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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