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Town staff want to see the revenue impacts of the pandemic and make sure that the market is close to normal to catch an accurate response of the study, Brigman said.

Until the financial impacts to the town are clearer, the town manager said, all base and standard operations will be fully funded to ensure no interruptions in services will occur and that the current status for operations will continue.

While the budget was adopted, Councilman Rodney Dellinger opposed the budget and sited negative resident impacts as the reason for his opposition.

“We have all received emails considering this budget and people have talked to me and spoken with me. If it were any other time in the history of the world – but this pandemic has put a strain on some people – I would vote yes then. But due to the pandemic and since I know that it is going to hurt some people, I have to vote no tonight.”

He thanked the town manager and his team for putting the budget together quickly given the current economic state and uncertainty.

Councilman Ron Smith also commented that he had struggled with the budget proposal, but ultimately decided to support it.

“I expressed early on my concerns about COVID-19 and we have delayed expenditures. We have cut some expenditures. I know that we’ve got a lot of capital projects in there,” he said. “I have been at every angle with this. I have had every emotion with it, up and down – for it and against it. I know we’ve got to move forward in the space. I know we have passed history where we have had revenue neutral budgets and the outcome has not been good.”

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