FBI investigating Harrisburg lady who might have stolen Pelosi’s laptop computer – 69Information WFMZ-TV

In the middle of one of the many scary scenes from the U.S. Capitol riots — the FBI says — is 22-year-old Riley June Williams of Harrisburg, Pa.

According to an FBI criminal complaint, her mother says Williams, following her involvement during the Capitol incident, “packed a bag” and “took off,” saying she’d be gone for a couple of weeks.

One of the big questions for the feds is whether she has a very important piece of equipment with her.

A witness tells investigators Williams may have taken from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office a laptop that she uses for presentations, with plans to get it into the hands of a Russian intelligence organization.

Williams traveled to Washington D.C. with her father, but once on the ground, they became separated.

Multiple cell phone videos appear to depict Williams inside the Capitol building.

According the document, her mother says Williams had taken a sudden interest in President Trump and “far right message boards.”

She had since changed her phone number and removed herself from all social media.

The FBI says it believes Williams may have destroyed the laptop or may still have it in her possession.

Williams is facing multiple charges related to this incident, including trespassing and disrupting government business.

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