An indication of spring: Know when B&G Milkyway areas will open, together with new Harrisburg web site – Argus Chief

B&G Milkyway near Harmodon Park in southeast Sioux Falls. (Photo: Jeremy Fugleberg / Sioux Falls Business Journal)

You know it’s nearly spring when a local ice cream company begins opening its doors.

B&G Milkyway announced that it will open its 3300 W. 69th St. and 721 S. Sycamore Ave. locations on Wednesday, Mar. 3 from 10:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. The local company is closed during the winter.

B&G Milkyway opened its first location at 2410 W. 12th St. in 1954 and now has eight locations spread throughout Sioux Falls and surrounding cities.

According to Milkyway’s website, here is when the other locations plan on opening:

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