A businessman spewing nonsense solely hurts the Metropolis of Harrisburg | Opinion –

By Neil Grover

Editor’s Note: This article is in response to an Op-Ed PennLive recently published from Ralph Vartan.

Ralph, I had been reading in the press of the remarkably ill-conceived and fanciful opinions of Marjorie Taylor Greene and thinking no one could be as disconnected from reality as she. Then, I read yet another ill-conceived, ill-informed opinion piece from you. It’s a close call. And yet, I must confess, you may have proven me wrong.

What in the name of the good Lord are you talking about? Did you learn nothing of public finance? Do you know nothing of public audits? You are supposedly acting as a public official, yet your conclusions are irreconcilable with actual facts.

Stop the nonsense. Just stopI don’t know how anyone does business with you if you can’t even grasp the basics of public finance.

I cannot tell if you are being willfully ignorant of the design, purpose and function of the City’s Neighborhood Services Fund. Or the HBG ICA.

I’m granting you the benefit of the doubt that you’re acting not in pure crass political terms but, instead, you actually — but ignorantly — believe you are somehow correct. That places you right up there with the Congresswoman Taylor Greene approach, on the if-you-thought- it, it-must-be-true view of the universe.

If you were doing the former, you would be acting in a manipulative, false manner. If the latter, you are just remarkably ill-informed. Either way, you’re just remarkably wrong.

The Neighborhood Services Fund is routinely audited, which is a detail you somehow fail to recognize or mention in your nonsensical opinion piece. Please, let it be audited some more. It will be, regardless of your scribblings.

If you cannot understand what it means, how it operates or what it covers, that doesn’t mean the actual parameters for the fund do not exist. It just confirms you haven’t done the required work.

You demonstrate a plain lack of understanding of the fund, applying your own ill-conceived notions to what it must be. That appears to be the product of either remarkably lazy thinking or a willful manipulation of facts. Either way, the answer is the same.

You’re opinions are ill-conceived, self-important, self-serving diatribes, lacking actual substance. Why does that matter? Because in spewing such nonsense, you are risking fiscal harm to the people that live and work here, for some ill-informed notion. In my book, that is worth fighting about. So just stop the nonsense.

Grow up. Stop the nonsense and do your homework. And then maybe you could someday earn the public position you’re obviously not ready to occupy right now.

Neil A. Grover is City Solicitor for the City of Harrisburg.

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