$5,000 grants to be issued to small Harrisburg companies by metropolis and Affect Harrisburg partnership – FOX43.com

More than 300 businesses will receive the grant money, to be used how they see fit

HARRISBURG, Pa. — More than 300 Harrisburg city businesses are expected to receive $5,000 grants thanks to the Neighborhood Business Stabilization program. This all comes about two and a half weeks after the program was announced.

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“All small business represent the backbone of our community,” said Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse, (D.)

313 small Harrisburg businesses will each receive $5,000 grants to help keep their businesses in business while having to remain closed. 

“These are businesses within the city of Harrisburg that directly benefit the city,” said Sheila Dow Ford, Impact Harrisburg Executive Director. “Businesses owned by individuals invested in our community.” 

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